Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Downtown Parfait review!

Argo 3/5 spoons:
Argo tea has a kind of whimsical parfait with a thicker yogurt content and melons incorporated into it. The granola is kind of gingerbread-y and I suspect that it is kept at too cold a temperature.

Starbucks 4/5 spoons:
Starfucks has a sweeter yogurt parfait with strawberry jam, fresh fruit and larger, bulkier granola. It is a heartier parfait but the sweetness can be unbearable at moments.

Cafe Baci 4/5 spoons:
Baci's parfait is wonderful, includes peaches, a nice sturdy plastic spoon. The ratio is a little off and I've found a bit too much yogurt in proportion to the granola, which can be disturbing. Baci uses a finer granola that can sometimes get lost in the sea of white and never find its way to peach blueberry heaven.

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